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Arizona Gate Refinishing...increasing curb appeal one gate at a time!

Please note:  Arizona Gate Refinishing makes every attempt to provide an accurate estimate of your gate refinishing project, however until the project can be inspected to determine if there are unforeseen issues such as; wood slats were stained/sealed without being removed from the frame and there is a coating of stain/sealer on the metal frame, the metal frame was painted with latex exterior paint that needs to be removed, gate supports are coming loose, metal frame has places where it has rusted completely through, or there are ornaments and latches/latch handles that need to be re-installed, etc.  

Another issue that can increase the cost is the size of slats in your gate. Most gates are fairly standard and use a 3.5" or 4.5" wide and 69" tall slat that are readily available in composites.  However there are those not so standard gates that require a custom sized composite slat such as 5.5" wide and 70" tall that have to be custom ordered and requires custom cuts to fit, thus increasing labor and material costs.  For natural wood slats this is usually not an issue as natural wood is available in many sizes.     

These and other issues will increase the time needed to prepare and refinish your gate and will increase the cost of refinishing.  Prior to starting work our technician will inspect the overall gate to determine if there is any additional preparation work needed above and beyond the service quoted or if custom ordered slats are needed and will inform you of any changes from the initial estimate to obtain your approval prior to beginning work.  

Example of side-by-side gates (considered two gates) refinished by AGR using Heartwood slats.

Please Note: dual gates (side-by-side as shown in the picture) are considered two gates when it comes to pricing services.        

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