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Included Standard Finish Options

Galvanized Carriage Bolts and Nuts:

Galvanized carriage bolts and nuts are standard as they will not rust as quickly as zinc coated carriage nuts and bolts.  Stainless carriage nuts and bolts available at cost.

Arizona Gate Refinishing will replace all carriage nuts and bolts on your gate with galvanized carriage nuts and bolts

Composite Slats- 

Arizona Gate Refinishing installs standard* composite slats for less than natural wood as there is less labor involved 

*Non-standard sizes or special order slats are an additional cost

Heartwood/Rustic Redwood are the same Composite Slat marketed under different names (available in standard 3.5" x 69" or 4.5" x 69") Can be special ordered in 6.5" x 70"

Veranda Heartwood composite Slats, pickets

Gate Refinishing project with Installation of Heartwood/Rustic Redwood composite Slats, pickets

Example of Installed Heartwood Slats

Rustic Cedar/Jatoba are the same Composite Slat marketed under different names (available in standard 3.5" x 69" or 4.5" x 69")  Can be special ordered in 6.5" x 69"

Rustic Cedar composite slats, pickets

Refinish Project with Installation of Rustic Cedar/Jatoba composite Slats, pickets

Example of Installed Rustic Cedar Slats

Rustic Barnwood/Cape Cod Gray are the same Composite Slat marketed under different names (available in standard 3.5" x 69" or 4.5" x 69")  Can be special ordered in 6.5" x 69"

Rustic Barnwood composite slats

Valori P, Ahwatukee AZ Refinishing Project Installation of Cape Cod Gray Slats

Example of Installed Cape Cod Gray Slats

Heartwood, Jatoba and Cape Cod Gray are available in standard sizes and special order sizes.

veranda fencing-swatch-lg

Natural Wood Slats and Stain/Sealer Colors:

Example of rough cedar slats for those that prefer the rough look.

Cedar Wood Slat

We use premium cedar wood slats with a rough finish. Arizona Gate Refinishing does offer the cedar in a smooth finish at an additional cost, see Additional Options below for more information. 

Stain/Sealer Colors:

Red Cedar - 

Red Cedar Stain/Sealer Sample Color

Cedar Glow - 

Cedar Glow Stain/Sealer Sample Color

Golden Maple - 

Golden Maple Stain/Sealer Sample Color

Honeysuckle - 

Honey Suckle Stain/Sealer Sample Color

Cedar Solid - 

Cedar Solid Stain/Sealer Sample Color

Natural Redwood - 

Natural Redwood Stain/Sealer Sample Color

Additional Options:

Pine Wood Slats - 

Pine wood slats have a smoother finish than cedar, Arizona Gate Refinishing does offer pine slats at an additional cost.

Smooth Finish Cedar Wood Slats - 

If you prefer a smooth look to your wood slats Arizona Gate Refinishing can sand your cedar wood planks for a smooth finish at an additional cost.   

A comparison of the standard rough cedar slat and the sanded smooth finish cedar slat.

(rough cedar on left, smooth cedar on right)

Custom/Privacy Slat Cuts:

Custom cuts are for gates with arched tops or other custom cuts.  The additional cost for custom cuts depends on the intricacies of the cut.  

Privacy cuts are for those customers preferring less see through (gap) between the slat and gate frame slat channel for increased privacy.  See the following example pictures of a gate with and without a privacy cut:

Gate without privacy cut

Gate Without Privacy Cut

Gate with privacy cut.

Gate with Privacy Cut

Replace Self-Tapping Screws with Carriage Nuts and Bolts:

In order to save time and money new gate installers/manufacturers are now using self-tapping screws to mount slats to the gate.  Unfortunately this is not the most secure or long lasting means to mount slats, especially when mounting natural wood slats as natural wood contracts and expands more than composites.  

In addition, self-tapping screws are easily over-torqued resulting in the screw shaft weakening and in a short time as the slats contract and expand the self-tapping screws will fail and the slats will begin to come loose or bow as can be seen in these pictures:

Slats secured with self-tapping screws coming loose.Slats secured with self tapping screws coming loose.

Arizona Gate Refinishing can resolve this issue by drilling through the back tubing (see picture below) to accommodate a carriage nut and bolt for a longer lasting more secure means of mounting slats to the gate.

Self tapping screws replaced with carriage nuts and bolts.   

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